About Royal Way Tours

Royal Way Tours
has specialized in cultural tours around the ancient and contemporary land of Egypt since 1984. We have our own staff of over 30 employees, our own collaborators, our own coaches and extremely good business connections with our neighbour countries mainly Israel and Jordan. It remains our aim to constantly improve our services while remaining competitive, honest and frank towards our customers. 
During our 23 years in the tourism industry, we have built up an excellent name and reputation of our company in Egypt and beyond.
Any of our tours is designed according to the specific cultural interest a single traveller a group leader or a company may have in our country. All our guides and staff are especially trained, selected and assigned to the tours covering such interests.
 Last but not least, at this stage we would like to thank you all those who made it possible through their contribution to give our Website this special outlook, which in our opinion any single traveller, group leader or company should wish to know before booking a holiday with our company. 

Company Policies and Responsibilities
Royal Way tours is set up according the International rules and regulations vigilant in the tourism industry. We have our own regular effectuated health and safety controls which are performed in accordance and help with all our regular suppliers. All our certificates requested by law for operating as a travel agent, as well as the insurance for the professional liability are in place. Furthermore, we have our own Risk and Crisis Management which is ready and functional at any time. Also, we have our Personal Training Manager for these issues, which are of course of primary importance to our company.

Additional features
Royal Way Tours have also set up some goals and responsibilities, in several fields, all aimed to improve and increase the positive impact of our company on the social and physical environment within the areas of our operations, such as social, environmental and economic.

Quality Service Assurance
Royal Way Tours is a Tour Operator who has maintained a strong presence in the market since it came to operation in 1984. Being a service-oriented company that ensures client satisfaction to the best of our ability, our desire is to offer a personalized service to all our clients, establishing and enhancing a mutual relation. The services provided are at competitive levels, our emphasis being on quality.

Efficiency, Reliability and Flexibility
These essential qualities have attracted many corporate institutions and overseas Travel Agents. Thus we urge you to be on board and experience the difference. We also ensure that confidentiality is kept on any contract arrangements with us.

Staff Experience and Qualification
Our staff is comprises of professionally trained Tour Consultants dedicated to the highest standard of clients satisfaction. Most of them have served in different companies in different capacities bringing in a wealth of experience.

Value Added Service
The following value added services are available from our offices: -

Car Rental Services
Any car rented from us will be charged at the market price, unless it is contracted for a longer term or there are more vehicles rented at the same time. Great Horizon Trails goes an extra inch in enriching our services by offering the following: -
- Dropping the car to the point
- Picking the car from the point
- Providing a chauffeur
- Changing the cars on a call-in 

We are able to arrange any transfer you require. The cost depends on the volume of business you bring to Royal Way Tours and is negotiable. We also offer attractive corporate transfer rates. 

The backbone of our Company rest on tour related activities with this we recommend very interesting and challenging tailor-made excursions, Tours and Safaris to suit your requirement and budget.

Safety and comfort
whilst on Safari are our top priorities, hence we have comprehensive insurance for all our Safari vehicles, PSVs for all our driver / guides and we have fitted all our vehicles with VHF radios.

We at Royal Way Tours believe that you will receive satisfaction in your dealings with us even as you play a vital role in helping us achieve our vision, mission, values and upholding our punch line of  the best for is also the best for us. 

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